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Voice Consultant

Find Your Voice: Professional Communication Voice Consultant

Whether you’re speaking to a Zoomful screen of people for work, preparing for your next role in theater or the screen, or simply want to be understood in your latest career role; professional communication is key.

Professional communication is the common thread among my clients and includes professional speakers, leaders, actors, singers, teachers, marketers, call center agents, and the list goes on. Speaking for a living can wear on one’s voice and finds a wide variety of people wondering who they can go to for help.

Poor communication skills can lead to a variety of losses such as money, time, and opportunity. Solid communication skills, however, provide accuracy, timeliness, clarity, and distinction. There are a wide variety of ways to communicate such as by email, print, and speaking. When you can speak well and get your point across easily, effective communication is a boon to any business.

You may try all the tips and tricks which abound on the internet or in books, but sometimes you need a Voice Consultant. So, how can I help you reach your goals?

As a Voice Trainer and Speech Pathologist, I am trained in specialized strategies and techniques to help you speak more clearly, confidently, and with or without accent or dialect depending on your needs. I belong to American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and focus on my clients with care and respect. I help my customers find their voice.

Memphis, Tennessee may not be the first place you think of when looking for a voice consultant. But it is a growing metropolis in everything from healthcare to music to a heartland tech hub. Everyone here has something to say, in one way or another, and when you speak professionally, people listen.

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