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Speech Coaching

The Art of Professional Speech Coaching

Have you been asked to give a speech? Do you need help making sure your talk is professional and that your message is devoid of filler words like ‘um’, ‘uh’, and other stumbling blocks? Or maybe you have a thick accent which makes it hard for people to understand you. Whether you speak professionally or have found yourself taking on a speaking role for work, it’s important to practice your speaking. Sometimes, you need help to get it right. You need a professional who can guide you.

Communication is an art and as a Speech Language Pathologist, I focus on professional speech coaching and speech coaching. What does this mean?

Professional speech coaching reminds us there is an art to communication. For those whose livelihoods depend on speaking, I not only help with vocal wellness strategies but can help them focus their speaking in a straightforward, clear, and articulated manner. What if you could practice your speech in front of a mirror, but the mirror offered advice, suggestions, tips, and tricks to strengthen your speech? In professional speech coaching, this is just one area in which I can help.

Now, let’s imagine you’re an actor or an audiobook narrator from an area of the country where accents are thick or you’re from a foreign country. Or maybe you have a stutter you’d like to work out of your speaking engagements, teaching, or other profession with a focus on voice. The ultimate goal is to ensure everyone understands you because you speak clearly and articulate your words. As a Speech Language Pathologist, I offer speech coaching training through vocal wellness strategies as well as accent and dialect modification.

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