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Vocal Fatigue Help

Looking for Vocal Treatment for Vocal Fatigue Help?

If you’re a teacher, singer, speaker, or call center worker, you may wonder why your voice begins to falter after several hours of speaking. Your throat is scratchy. Your voice begins to sound different and it hurts to talk. This is known as vocal fatigue and if you’re looking for vocal fatigue help, you’ve come to the right place.

What is vocal fatigue? Well, just like it sounds, it means your voice is tired. While most people think it only happens to teachers or singers, it can also be audiobook narrators, orators, public speakers, or really anyone who speaks for a living. For those people who need vocal fatigue help, I offer a variety of vocal treatments to help you get back on track and ready for your next speaking engagement.

Just like when your car is old and wearing down and you take it to the mechanic to fix it, I am the Speaker’s Mechanic. And as much as I can help, did you know vocal treatment can begin with you? It’s as simple as ‘take a break.’ Did you know that for every 10-minute break for an hour and a half of talking you can begin your own road to recovery?

I know sometimes you don’t have the luxury of taking those kinds of breaks. Sometimes, you have a set you need to work on and voice breaks just aren’t in the cards. Sometimes, you may get ‘stuck’ on a call trying to help a customer and before you can take a break, you get caught on another long call. Stress on your voice is no picnic, but at The Speakers Mechanic, I can offer vocal treatment to get your voice to the next level. Just like a mechanic gets your car roadworthy again, I can help you get your voice speaker ready again.

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